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Control of wagons for rail freight,
from construction to recycling.


Inauguration of the degassing station at SARI
22 Mars. 2017 – SARI

On 22 March 2017, after several months of work and significant investments, with the presence of many customers, partners and local representatives, the inauguration of the expansion of the degassing station at SARI took place.

GCA continues to trust the Ateliers d’Orval
22 Fév. 2017 – Ateliers d’Orval

With a first order for 22 Tanoos 57.7m3 cars in 2013, the Group Charles André has just confirmed a new order to Ateliers d'Orval for identical wagons.
Delivery expected by the end of 2017.

Project ERP 2018 !
9 Fév. 2017 – Fos-sur-Mer

The 9th of February in Fos-sur-Mer, the launch meeting of ‘’ERPR 2018’’ project took place.
This project will be coordinated by Emmanuel Lalau from Coaptis and Christian Soulat (R&D Director).


A proactive approach
  • Propose optimised solutions
  • Response time = a major advantage
  • Think differently
  • Propose optimised solutions for clients
  • A local contact to better respond to client requests
  • Participate actively in the evolution of our industry
  • Value added for our clients
  • Customised solutions
  • Personalised and innovative approach

The Ermewa Group

FERIFOS, Ateliers d’Orval, SARI & SEGI

The four companies are wholly owned by the Ermewa Group, European leader in asset management.
Held by SNCF Logistics since 2010, the Ermewa Group is present in the following markets:

    • Renting tank containers & IBC with the companies EUROTAINER and CCR
    • Renting electric and diesel locomotives with the company AKIEM
    • Renting wagons for rail freight with the company Ermewa
    • Construction, conversion, maintenance and servicing with the companies FERIFOS, Les Ateliers d’Orval, SARI, SEGI and Les Ateliers de PROVENCE.

Today, the Ermewa Group employs 700 persons and is present in more than 20 countries.
For more information on the Ermewa Group, see the Internet site www.ermewa-group.com



More than a century of experience in wagons intended for rail freight.